What should the organiser do?

  • Make the occasion with name, date, deadline, begin text of the video
  • Invite by making a list of invitees from your contact list or by creating them yourself. You can add/use your Facebook status. After tapping Invite the invitation is send
  • Remind is similar. Only the invitees that have not uploaded their Vid will get the remind message
  • Make your own Vid from the main view by tapping the occasion
  • In the main view your see per occasion when there are Vids to download. Open the occasion and see which can be downloaded. Tap download to download them
  • Direct: Determine the sequence, set the final texts, select the right options (like background music)
  • Tap create video and the video will be created and directly afterwards shown
  • Tap upload to upload the video. This signals the end of the process. After upload all participants can download the video. Your can also forward the video to other persons

Most of all have fun

What should the participant do?

  • Tap link in invitation. This will open GiveVid and show the new occasion
  • Tap on the occasion to view it
  • Make your Vid by tapping the camera button
  • When satisfied upload your Vid by tapping upload
  • In the main view your see per occasion when there is a video to download. Open the occasion and tap download. Now view the complete result
  • After download a snap of the video will be shown (in the main view) to indicate the film is ready to be shown

Most of all have fun

Who can view my videos?

All vids uploaded are removed from the server direct after the download. Uploaded videos will stay on server for a limited time (only for the exchane). Access to the videos is restricted to the App. Access to your complete video is only possible when having your (invitation) link and the App. Please note that when using Facebook to spread the link, you can give access to a lot of persons...

Why has GiveVid a user with email address?

The user is identified with name and email address. The name will be used in the credits of the video. The email is used by the organiser to identify your Vid.

Is GiveVid free?

GiveVid is free, and you receive on the first download a number of free credits to participate/organise. When the credits run out you need to buy new credits to keep participating

  • Upload of vid costs 1 credit
  • Some extra direct options cost credits
  • Organize, invite, remind, download video for participants/organizer are free
  • Downloading a forwarded video costs a credit


  • The Android App is under development. In the mean time an Android user can participate in the creation of the video
  • Create your contribution with your camera (in landscape) and send it to the organizer. Send it by mail (please take into account the attachtment limits), Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox etc.
  • To keep the up/download times reasonable you can take some measures: Limit your contribution to 10 seconds (only the first 10 sec will be used in the video). Also please limit the resolution of your video since high resolution will increase the times enormously